Dear Jerry

Thanks once again for the great job installing our new floor. Your crew did a very professional job. It was a comfort to know that my home was in good hands. I was also impressed by the rate of progress and the overall schedule of the project, which you completed several days ahead of estimate. Once the furniture is returned to place and the installation of thresholds in complete, we will consider the project completed. Thanks too for the bit of extra stain you provided that will be used to finish the base cove and shoe for the family room.

God's Belssings, Steve and Jill  Jacobsen

When my floors needed remodeling, I had entertained the thought of doing it myself but it proved to be too much work. A friend recommended I use Jerrys Dust Free Flooring  and the guy they sent over to carry out the project was very cooperative. He was friendly and adhered to all the necessary safety rules. What is more, the end result was perfect. Now am glad I choose to use JerrysDust Free Flooring as I have perfect floors.


Dear Jerry

Everything you said when you came to my house to give me an estimate was absolutely true. I had virtually no mess in the house from dust and wood particles. The men that came to sand and stain were pleasant and courteuous and a pleasure to deal with! My wood floors look brand new. As a matter of fact- I'm not putting the area rug back into my family room. I refuse to cover the beautiful wood flooring. I will not hesitate to tell my friends about  Jerrys Dust Free Flooring.

Sincerely, Daniel Fox

When I hired Jerrys Dust Free Flooring , I was a little apprehensive as it was the first time to consult with them. However, once they started working on my floors, they delivered services that gave attention to detail. They helped me plan for the flooring and also assisted with my selection for material to use. To cap it all, they also ensured that the installation process was quick and easy.

Since our floor was installed by Jerrys Dust Free Flooring , our home now looks outstandingly beautiful. They ensured that it blended well with everything. Whenever our children visit, they are truly thrilled with the new flooring. The installers were great and they took the time to take us through the entire process. They were also knowledgeable and they helped us pick the best materials for the installation process