At Jerry Dust Free Flooring services, we offer our clients a number of services when it comes to their flooring needs. We understand the need to have a well designed and constructed floor because of the great functionality, comfort and aesthetic value it offers to the homeowners. Some of the services we provide include the following.
• Flooring installation
We deal with the installation of several types of flooring such as hardwood flooring, laminate, prefinished  floors and engineering floors  among others. We can handle different types of rooms, giving attention to all details that the homeowner wants to capture in their homes. We have professionals who are trained in the installation process and they use state of art tools and technology in the installation process.
• Flooring repairs
After years of use and lots of traffic, floors may be damaged by one thing or another and at Jerry Dust Free Flooring services, we will be there to help our clients to repair their floors and to take it back to their original quality and even better appearance. Our team of experts will visit the home to determine the type and the extent of the damage before they start on the project. They will also provide the clients with the necessary information need to keep the floors well maintained and damage free for a long time. This will help them in maintaining the beauty and the durability of the floors.
• Flooring refinishing services
When the floors luster and shine has faded due to one reason or another, clients can contact us for refinishing services. We will carry out all the necessary procedures before we start the process to ensure that the workmanship is effective and the end result is better than expected. Alongside this we offer resanding old hardwood floors to provide it with a fresh and new look.
• Commercial Flooring
At Jerry Dust Free Flooring , we offer commercial flooring services for those who want to build or redo the floor in the commercial buildings. Our team is very flexible and adept in capturing the design and the details of the commercial space as desired. The clients will be able to select from a wide range of designs and materials.
At Jerry Dust  Free Flooring we also offer custom services for all our clients to allow they are creative. The teams are not only professional but offer high quality services to the different types of clients. For all the flooring needs, whether they are installation, refinishing or repair, contact Jerry Dust flooring services.