About us

 Jerry’s Dust Free Flooring is the best company that offers  floors for all types of buildings. These are the best floors that a house can get as you will not have to worry about dust anymore. 

We have a team of highly trained personnel who work very hard to ensure that the floors are installed within minimal time. We have had years of experience which is one of the reasons which makes us the best in the industry.

So far, we have never heard any complaints from all the people that we have worked for, in fact, they usually give people references because of the high quality services they get.

We understand that no one wants to spend a lot of money to have new floors installed in the house. This is why all our services come at very affordable rates so that you do not burn a hole in the wallet. We have room for negotiations which helps one to save more money. We can work on any type of building to give it the look that it needs without any problem. We also handle a number of projects whether large or small to ensure that all our clients are satisfied.

You can talk to us anytime that you want to as there is usually someone one the other end of the line to help with all your queries and concerns. You can get samples of work we have done to see what you will be signing up for should you decide to hire our services. We offer timely services as no one likes to wait around on a project. We also have a team of creative directors who work closely with homeowners to helps them choose the design of the floor to get for their houses. You will not need to get repairs on the floors once they are done as they retain good condition for a very long time.